Authors Meet Deb and Tom Ryan, Owners Of Pamlico Books

Zoom Group Meeting

Authors and readers come and meet Deb and Tom Ryan, the new owners of the Pamlico Books bookstore in Washington, NC. Let's make them feel welcome. Think of questions you'd like to ask or events you hope they'll host.

Meet Author Alison Paul Klakowicz

Zoom Group Meeting

Every kid knows that mommies are the greatest. They feed us and take care of us and love us with all their hearts. But did you know they are also so cool! One little boy sure does. His mommy drives...

Patrick Green Shares Dan Harmon’s Story Circle

Zoom Group Meeting

Join Patrick Green as he shares Dan Harmon's, Story Circle. A kind of narrative arc that's commonly used by myths from all over the world and emphases how almost all forms of storytelling have a cyclical nature.        ...

Where Did This Hand Come From? By Sherri Hollister

Zoom Group Meeting

Sherri Hollister offers insight to fight scenes, actions scenes, and points of views to help writers develop action that is intense and engages the reader. The meeting is interactive and all are encouraged to participate.

Jonathan Clayborne

Zoom Group Meeting

Join the Pamlico Writers May 25, 2021 at 7:00 PM on line and meet Jonathan Clayborne as he offers insight to his success as a writer, newspaper editor, and play and film director. Also learn from two of our members...

Jon Sadler

Interview with Jon Sadler on his book Weathering the Storms at: 2:00pm EST.

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