Christmas Short Stories

Abandoned as a child, Christmas was nothing more than a check someone received for his care. A tax write-off. Another mouth to feed. Another letter to Santa wishing for someone to love him.

With one last letter to send out before Christmas, he prayed his wish would come true. Three days had passed before his gift arrived. The Brisons stood in the court room and waited.

Today, Christmas took on a new meaning for Todd. The warmth of a home, comfort of a family, and freedom of love expressed by those around him was the greatest gift he ever received.

Louis Edwards

One Minute too Late  

Lyric wrote something down inside her car. She sniffled with tears rimmed on the edge of her eyes. The letter folded and sat in front of the windshield. She got out of her car and made her way up the Interstate 210 Bridge in Lake Charles, LA. The jaded piece of Big Red chewing gum spat out in the wind. During the climb, one last reason for hope invoked. It was unanswered. Splash felt like concrete. A car screeched on brakes and stopped. If only he arrived sooner.

Patrick Green

Doll Baby Memory

Santa came! Hurrying to the tree bright with multi-colored lights, she danced in bare feet, excited by the sight. She was waiting, the doll with white hair and flower bath. “Go ahead,” her mother urged. She freed the doll from the cardboard and cellophane package. Gathered her in her arms, she hugged her tight. “You have other gifts to open.” Another doll, almost exactly like the first. “Twins!” She exclaimed. As proud as any six-year-old mama could be with her two babes. The second a gift from the cousin who lived with them, whom she adored. 

Sherri Hollister

Christmas Parade Memories

Straightening her wig as the group ahead of her started to move, she asked, “Are we ready?”

Her partner’s answering grin was made larger with the outline of red makeup. 

They marched down Main Street greeting onlookers with candy and a cheery “Merry Christmas” until circling back to the school.

Sherri Hollister

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