Mapping Out Your Novel

You’ve been staring at a blinking cursor or blank paper eager to share your novel with the world. The panoramic view of your characters and scenes unfolds in your mind waiting to be set free and explode across the screen or writing tablet, depending on your choice of media. Assuming you have developed your characters, know the setting for your story, and have done your research, you are now ready for the nuts and bolts that construct a great novel. The problem most writers face is, where do I begin?

Today, we will begin a series of novel writing tips that will help you manage and create your manuscript from beginning to end. We will be using a step-by-step process used by many authors and made popular by the Novel Factory. Although this method is great for those who love to incorporate structure in their writing, it is also helpful for those who enjoy letting their story follow the path of their characters, better known as “Pantsters.”  

As an author and member of the Pamlico Writers, I would like to invite you to join us on this quest, Mapping Out Your Novel.

I love writing Christian Fiction. I am a web designer and graphics designer. I enjoy my family, friends, church, and sharing creative ideas with other.

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